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To be young and restless. Oh, the life. My life.

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You know the saying that goes, “you don’t realize what you have until… You clean your room”? Ha! Well i did just that (only my closet tho not the entire room) this afternoon, albeit my growing pain of sinusitis, just to refresh me how much junk i have in store. Soon enough i found a few golden pieces that i could get rid of but sell at Buffalo Exchange for the summer season. And then there’s two that i decided to keep but vowed to alter them to make them cropped tops (a secret motivation to do crunches everyday is to own lots of cropped tops, you must understand). There’s also a dress i’ve owned for 4 years now but never worn and never intend to trash simply because i just like it. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. Suddenly i found myself playing dress up the entire time while sipping my cafe latte protein shake listening to Bey’s Partition on repeat (and see which clothing i have looks best with grinding to the song).

The result? A number of selfies!!!!! Oh pooh, gagging is allowed if you may. LOL.